The Light Within Me - Carly Fall

I just found this paranormal romance series  written by Carly Fall. 


This novel introduces us to some interesting characters.  Noah is from another world sent to earth to hunt down an evil that his people unleashed upon earth over 200 years ago. He along with 5 others were chosen for their special abilities. Noah & Hudson for their fighting and killing, Jovan for his ability to feel a person emotions, Talon for his mastery of computers, Cohen for his healing abilities and Rayner for his ability to see spirits.

They are on a mission that has them earth bound until it is completed.


  Abby is a women who feels like she doesn't fit into society, she longs to find someone who understands her.  When Noah and Abby meet sparks fly.  When the evil that Noah is hunting drags Abbey into the mess Noah and Abbeys worlds are about to change.


This is going to be an interesting series, I look forward to reading the next book  Finding My Faith.