Turn and Burn - Lorelei James

Turn and Burn is written by Lorelei James is a Blacktop Cowboy novel that will be released in August of 2013.


Upfront I received this ARC free as part of a Goodreads giveaway, now that you know that piece of information let me tell you about the book.


This is the first Blacktop Cowboy novel I have read but the 5th book in the series. So you can read it even if you haven't read the others in the serie.  This book had all  the best components.  A story you wanted to read, characters Tanna Barker and August Fletcher that made you want to see where their lives will take them, Romance, erotic sex that is a well written part of the story and Humor. I loved the Mud Lilies!


A champion barrel racer recovering from a rodeo injury Tanna Barker's life has taken some unexpected turns in the last couple of years. That's how August Fletcher finds her setting in a bar in Muddy Gap Wyoming pondering what direction her life is going in and inventivently fending off the bar patrons.

Hot sexy veterinarian August Fletcher has always put work first. But when he meets Tanna the chemistry between them is Hot.  Seems he may have found his fantasy woman in a real live champion barrel racer. Maybe he has found there is more to life then just work.


i enjoyed reading this well written erotic romance and will be looking for others in the series.