Mercy Burns (Myth and Magic Series #2)

Mercy Burns - Keri Arthur Keri Arthur is a writer that I continue to read. I have read her books and enjoy them. Mercy Burns is the second book in the myth and magic series.I did like this book but I didn't feel a connection to Mercy & Muerte. Maybe Muerte need to be developed a little more for me to connect with or I needed to feel more of an attraction between them, but I will look forward to the next in the series. Mercy Burns is a reporter in the San Francisco area, but she is also half woman half dragon. Unable to shape shift but able to control fire energy unlike others. When Mercy's friend Rainey is killed while trying to uncover a story Mercy must now find the killer: to free Rainey's soul or she will become earth bound.While on the run she encounters Muerte, a sexy stranger that she now must join forces with, but can he keep her alive long enough to fine the killer.