Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise - Carol Grace The story I read is a Smashwords edition for the Nook. While in the desert storm war Quincy McLoud's wife filed for divorce and sold his ranch. After returning home the only thing Quincy wanted was to buy back his ranch. Meet Abby, the new owner of the Bar Z ranch. She is divorced from a husband that left her for his career and a new wife to further that career. Abby loves the land and after visiting a guest ranch she decides to try to combine the bar Z cattle ranch with a guest ranch, hoping to share her love of the land with others. How can Quincy a man who will do anything to get his ranch back & Abby who is willing to do everything to keep her ranch and independence get along ?Abby & Quincy both have lessons to be learned.The book is an easy read. Even though it should have had some proofreading done before releasing. There are a number of misspelled words.