Wicked Lies (Wicked (Zebra Paperback))

Wicked Lies - Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush This book was written by two sisters, Lisa Jackson & Nancy Bush. Wicked Games was the first book now Wicked Lies. Both Lisa & Nancy are great writers, I have read books by both of them and will continue to do so.If at first you don't succeed KILL... then kill again...For two years, Justice Turnbull has paced his room at Halo Valley Security Hospital, planning his escape. Justice has one mission - one that began with a vicious murder two decades ago. And there are many others who must be sent back to the hell that spawned them.All her life Laura has been able to sense approaching evil. But that won't stop a psychopath bent on destroying her. Justice has been unleashed and this time, there will be no place safe to hide.