Dating Mr. December

Dating Mr. December - Phillipa Ashley Phillipa Ashely has written a charming, warm, fun to read romantic novel. The characters are interesting and likable, causing you to be drawn into their story. Emma Tremayne Is working for the tourist board in Bannerdale as a PR person. Trying to help out the local Bannerdale Mountain Rescue Team raise fund for a new outpost She proposes a Calendar one month for each of the male rescuers. ( nude, well almost ) The one member of the team against the idea is Will Tennant. Though he finally agrees to pose for the calendar that's not the end of his dealings with Emma.Emma Tremayne & Will Tennant are attracted to each other almost instantly upon meeting, but each has a past that could keep them from moving forward together.I'm looking forward to reading Phillipa's next book Wish You Were Here now out in paperback and ebook formats.