One True Love

One True Love - Barbara Freethy This is a well written novel, that is easy to read. Though some may say the ending is predictable, the ending is exactly what we are wanting for these people.Maggie's husband has been dead for a year when she receives a note from a woman addressed to her husband. Due to the circumstances of her husbands death this pushes Maggie to the breaking point. Needing a short break from her three kids so she can think about what to do, she calls her best friend Lisa to come watch the kids for a weekend. Lisa who is also her brother Nick's ex wife. Lisa agrees and comes face to face with her ex husband Nick. Lisa and Nick lost their infant to SIDs a few years ago and the hurt and pain broke them apart.Now they each must face what they are feeling now and what they were feeling at the time their baby died. Can they get past all the hurt they caused each other? Can they heal?Will Maggie find the truth about her husbands death ?