Creed's Honor (Montana Creeds Series)

Creed's Honor - Linda Lael Miller Linda Lael Miller can tell a good story. Her cowboys are legendary.This is the second book of three featuring the twins Conner & Brody Creed and their cousin Steven Creed.This book is about Conner Creed a hardworking small town rancher who is working to keep their ranching legacy in Lonesome Bend Colorado going.Conner has some issues with his twin brother Brody, he feels betrayed and some anger that Brody is off on the rodeo circuit roaming around while Conner has to stay & work hard keeping the ranch going. When Brody suddenly returns things have to get worked out between.Meet Tricia McCall a beautiful woman who is in town to sell property her father left to her. Maybe together her and Conner can build a relationship where dreams and love can take root right there in Lonesome Bend.