Ravishing in Red (Rarest Blooms Series #1)

Ravishing in Red - Madeline Hunter I enjoyed reading this first book in the Rarest Blooms series. Madeline Hunter is a wonderful writer in the historical romance genre.Hoping to clear her dead fathers name, Audrianna Kelmsleigh decides to respond to the advertisement placed by the mysterious "Domino" Armed with her cousin's gun, she takes a room at the Two Swords Inn. But the handsome man of commanding sensuality who shows up is not the Domino at all, but Lord Sebastian Summerhays one of her fathers prosecutors - who has been lured by the same advertisement. When Audrianna's gun accidentally fires the situation suddenly becomes public...There is only one way out of the scandal that erupts. But she remains determined to exonerate her father even if it means risking her life, and her heart.