Whisper Falls (Destiny, #3)

Whisper Falls (Destiny, #3) - Toni Blake I really liked this book. It is an easy book to spend the afternoon with. There is enough character development to make you feel a connection to these people. This is the third book in the Destiny novels.Tessa Sheridan has moved back to Destiny after an illness causes her to loss her job. Trying to establish a interior design business in small town Destiny has been slow. But she tries not to let things get her down.Lucky Romo left Destiny just after high school and has not been seen or heard from since, not even his family knows if he's still alive. Back in town to build a new life after leaving a troubled past it is just his Luck to move next door to Tessa.When these two meet, they find a mutual attraction that they can't help but act upon. But Lucky has a past that may come back to cause trouble for those he cars about.