Outcast: The Cat Star Chronicles #4

Outcast  - Cheryl Brooks This is book 4 of The Cat Chronicles. It can read this book without having read the first 3 and still not feel like you are missing part of the story. Lynx was only 17 when he was taken prisoner in a war that destroyed his planet. Sold into slavery as a slave to slave women this could be every man's dream or one mans nightmare.After finally being released from slavery his only goal was to buy passage to Terra Minor where he could be his own master and live in peaceful solitude.Meet Bonnie, as a farmer her style of dress did nothing to attract notice. All she wanted was to be invisible. Men were all liars, cheats and scoundrels.Drummond Bonnie's friend knew she needed help with her farm, so when Lynx arrives broke and in need of work he sends him to Bonnie.Bonnie distrust men, Lynx hates women could this arrangement possibly work ?