Lois Lane Tells All

Lois Lane Tells All - Karen Hawkins This is an easy fun book to read. I must admit The Murder Mystery Club had me smiling thru this story.Susan Collins always wanted to be a hard hitting reporter, but there isn't much call for her talent in sleepy Glory North Carolina. Then the Murder Mystery Club a trio of enterprising octogenarians decides to open their own CSI lab at the assisted living center, and when strange accidents begin to happen Susan senses she could be on to the news story of her dreams.Mark Tremayne has returned to Glory to take over as CFO of The Glory Examiner. His job is to keep the newspaper profitable, which means covering the annual Baptist Church Bake Off Sale. and selling ads for the county fair- not allowing his too sexy for her own good reporter to hare off after a wild story that could alienate some of the townspeople.Mark's & Susan's viewpoints could be from different planets, but their mutual attraction is in total alignment.