Highlander's Sword

Highlander's Sword - Amanda Forester This is a well written debut novel for Amanda Forester. The book is entertaining and full of adventure, at least for Lady Aila Graham. It seems that Padyn MacLaren has his hands full. The characters are interesting and the story moves at a good pace. if you like Scottish Highlander romances this is a good one. As of this posting Barnes & Noble have the eBook for .99 cents.Set against the backdrop of the rugged Scottish Highlands and the tumultuous 14th century, Lady Aila Graham is destined for the convent until her brother's death leaves her an heiress and her father hastily arranges a marriage for her with a Highland warrior she's never met. Misunderstandings between the battle-hardened knight and his lady are exploited by their enemies and threaten the entire clan. Only by throwing caution to the winds and forging a powerful bond together can they rout a traitor and save their people and their love from destruction.