Deeper Than Midnight (Midnight Breed Series #9)

Deeper Than Midnight - Lara Adrian This series keeps you wanting more. Lara has made us care about the order and what happens to them.When Corine Bishop was captured by Drago her life totally changed. Kept prisoner for so many years, there was only one thing that could keep her hope alive.Now rescued by the order she wants to find that one piece of herself, the one that she lost while imprisoned. Hunter was one of Drago's most deadly assassins, now he works for the order and has been charged with keeping Corine safe on her trip home to her family. While trying to keep Corine safe it seems Hunter is starting to bond with her, Bonding with someone one thing he never thought he would do. Hunter must now decide how far he is willing to go in hunting Drago and how much it may hurt Corinne.