The Wrong Husband (Nebraska Historicals #6)

The Wrong Husband - Ruth Ann Nordin I enjoyed reading this well written story. The characters are ones that you can care about, they make you want everything to work out for them.Owen Russell is in deep trouble. In order to save his aunt from poverty due to a bad gambling problem his uncle had, he wins back the money from the group of gamblers and returns it to her. Realizing that they want to kill him, he flees from Louisiana to Nebraska where he runs into the sheriff who mistakes him for Irving Spencer who signed up to be his deputy. Owen decides that this beats death because there are Wanted posters all over the place seeking his arrest. So he plays along and pretends to be Irving. What he doesn't realize is that Irving agreed to marry Jenny Larson. One look at her tells him that she is beautiful, so he agrees to marry her. But what will he do when the real Irving shows up?