Bannon Brothers: Trust

Bannon Brothers Trust - Janet Dailey I enjoyed reading this book. When you start to read the story it is easy to see where it is going. But you may not know the why until later in the story.RJ Bannon is on leave from the police dept due to an injury. He is starting to get bored when a cold case catches his interest. An abduction of 3 yr. old Ann Montgomery. When Ann was kidnapped there was no trace evidence left to help locate her or to say what happen to her.Erin Randall is a beautiful talented artist, who RJ wants to know better. As RJ and Erin start to spend more time together he starts to realize Erin has some tantalizing similarities to Ann. Someone doesn't want what happen to Ann to be uncovered. When RJ starts looking deeper he may have to put his own life on the line to protect Erin.