Legacy - Jeanette Baker This book has very good reviews and they are probably well deserved. The story is well written, her characters are developed. For me, I had a hard time keeping interest in the first few hundred pages. (There is 335 pages for the nook) It wasn't until the last hundred pages that I wanted to see what the outcome would be for these characters. The book is written in a format that starts in 1298 Scotland then jumps to the present, then back to the past, then to the present. with a lot of history surrounding the historical characters.It took me a long time to be able to finish the book, I was easily distracted from it. But to be fair that was just my experience. Not every book will catch or hold the attention of every reader. Doesn't make it a bad book, just a book that isn't for everyone. I have read other Jeanette Baker books I have really enjoyed, and will read her books in the future.