Seduce Me in Flames (Three Worlds Series #2)

Seduce Me in Flames (Three Worlds #2) - Jacquelyn Frank This is an adventure from the first page. It takes you along with Ambrea, "Ender" and the Interplanetary Militia while they are trying to restore Ambrea to her rightful place on the throne of Allay.Ambrea Vas Allay has been exiled by her father for many years, but upon his death and the ddeath of her brother the throne rightfully belongs to Ambrea. Her fathers brother seems to have other ideas about who should rule.Rush "Ender" loves being part of the elite Interplanetary Militia and this time their mission is to save Ambrea and restore her to the throne. It looks like the only way to accomplish this might be to use the fiery power that "Ender" has been long keeping a secret. But will his blazing power make him too hot to handle?