Wedding Survivor (Thrillseekers Anonymous #1)

Wedding Survivor (Thrillseekers Anonymous #1) - Julia London I so enjoyed this book. You gotta spend an afternoon or three (there are three books in the series) with the Thrillseekers Anonymous a members-only adventure service. After I read this book I had to get the other two.When a pair of A-list movie stars decides to combine a wedding with an extreme sport outing, ex-stuntman Eli McCain isn’t too happy. One of the Thrillseekers Anonymous founders, he was jilted at the alter a year ago—and he has no interest in hearing wedding bells. Unfortunately, hes’ been outvoted, and now there’s a crazy wedding to stage with a bridezilla from hell.In comes wedding planner Marnie Banks to save the day—and, she hopes, make some romantic connections with Hollywood’s jet set. Only one problem stands in her way: Eli McCain, who may look like a movie star, but has no appreciation for the finer things in life.