Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll (SEALS, Inc., Book 1)

Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll - Mia Dymond I believe this is the first novel by Mia Dymond, if this is true then I believe the writing will get better. I could see the path the author was taking us along but the path had use stumbling along. The transitions were not smooth. Having said that the story is a good one and does get somewhat better from middle to end. I will try the second book in the series Out Spoken Angel. Brains before Beauty, that's Rachel Newberry's motto, especially when her quiet, orderly life is interrupted by international rock star, Jaydon Hawke. And true to her word, brains take center stage when she discovers Hawke has a lot more on his mind than beautiful music. Targeted by a madman, Rachel puts her trust in Hawke, a move that may cost both their lives.