Travers Brothers Book 2: Courting Abby

Courting Abby - Rita Hestand This is the second book in the Travers brothers series. I did read the first one also. (Chief cook and bottle washer) I enjoyed reading Clint & Abbey's story. It was a fairly quick read. On my nook there is 336 pages.It will be interesting to see what happens to the rest of the brothers as their stories unfold.Best Friends? Yeah, right, till Clint Travers spoiled it with one night of pent up longing. Now he was paying dearly. Not only had he lost Abby Martin, but now, four years later he was losing his son... Clint knew he had to do something, and quick. But what? Then his savvy sister-in-law came up with a solution. It was simple...all he had to do was...Court Abby