Seaborne - This is a unique story that is charming and has you wanting the hero Morgan to succeed. The underwater world that Katherine Irons creates is an interesting fantasy world that you want to spend time getting to know. I did think some of the scenes with Justin were unnecessary and distracted from the story. We could have gotten just how depraved Justine was without some of the scenes being played out for us. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. On my Nook this book had 282 pages.Enter the realm of Seaborne. . .and the achingly romantic world of Katherine Irons, a new talent who will break your heart and heal it all at the same time. . .Take Me AwayShrouded in mist, the hidden shoreline near her family's Maine estate is a place of refuge for Claire Bishop. There, she can forget the physical limitations imposed by a tragic accident and escape judgment.