Heart Breaker

The Heart Breaker - Nicole Jordan I gave this book 3 stars barely. The main reason for me was the repetition of Sloan's cruel treatment of Heather and the sexual scenes. I don't mind sexual encounters in stories but I like to have some character development and story to go along with them. I could understand the author wanting us to feel Sloan fighting his attraction to Heather and his feelings of disloyalty to his murdered wife but it's impact became lost after a while. I would have liked to see the other sub stories more developed.A CONVENIENT BRIDEBurdened by Family debts, Heather Ashford has no choice but to exchange her dreams of romance and accept the proposal of ruggedly handsome cattle baron Sloan McCord. However the widowed rancher is more than she bargains for. Tormented by a deep sorrow, Sloan keeps his heart well guarded, even as he sets her body on fire night after night. But each time Heather gazes into his ice blue eyes, she realizes she wants more from this man than his passion—she wants his love.AN IRRESISTIBLE GROOMBut Sloan McCord has vowed never to love again. Although his infant daughter needs a mother, he doesn't want—or need—a wife. He is surprised that Heather, an elegant citybred lady, turns his remote Colorado ranch house into a home, and tenderly cares for his child. She is beginning to haunt his thoughts by day and steal his breath by night—and this he cannot have if he is to keep a safe distance. Does his fierce bride of convenience have the strength to heal his broken heart—before he breaks hers?