The Ladybug Jinx (Grandberry Falls, #1)

The Ladybug Jinx (Grandberry Falls, #1) - Tonya Kappes This book has 237 pages on the Nook. This is an easy afternoon read. Tonya Kappes has started creating her town of Grandberry Falls with some interesting characters and it will be nice to continue to see them in the next Grandberry novels.Celia Briggs has always lived her life for everyone but herself. With the death of Celia's mom, Celia realizes life is too short not to follow her dreams. In her small town of Grandberry Falls, Kentucky-Celia decides to open up, The Ladybug Florist, which is only fitting due to her love of flowers and ladybugs.How can she not love ladybugs? Her deceased grandfather always said ladybugs bring luck and love.Marty Briggs, Celia's father, never dreamed his life as Grandberry Falls' only flower delivery boy is harder than the job he's retired from.Sam Barber jumps in his car leaving his Hollywood life behind. He didn't know stopping in the cozy town of Grandberry Falls, was about to change his life forever. Especially after answering the help wanted ad at The Ladybug Florist and giving a fake name so no one would recognize him.Celia knows something is up Sam's sleeve. Why would a thirty-year old man want to deliver flowers? Marty doesn't care, he's just happy to be retired-again.Will Celia ever figure out Sam's true identity? Does Sam reveal the big family secret Celia's parents have kept from her all her life?Celia's about to find out if ladybugs are lucky or a jinx?