Lucille's Lawman

Lucille's Lawman - Beth Williamson This is a novella length book. For me the story never developed enough to be interesting. This is just my experience with the book. More than the law will be tested when a marshal meets a feisty widow.Sean Reilly had the bad luck to be assigned the blue marble – the "cursed" marble shunned by the four other marshals in the Arizona Territory. He's sent to take care of a land dispute for a widow named Lucille Quinn. He has no idea just how his life will change because of the dang blue marble.Lucille Quinn needs help to settle the matter of some missing cattle. The marshal that arrives is unexpected as he is good-looking. Who is she to deny the urge to pleasure herself and him? What she doesn't expect is to find there's more to the man than good looks and broad shoulders.The meeting is by pure chance, the result is pure magic