The Endless Sky

The Endless Sky - Shirl Henke This is a must read if you like historical Native American romance novels. the story is well written, with characters who are developed enough for us to care what happens to them. This story has 1140 pages on the Nook.THE WHITE WOLFIn Boston, he is Chase Remington, a bitter outsider whose illustrious family hides secrets far more shocking than his own illegitimacy and half-breed blood. On the High Plains, he becomes the White Wolf, a fierce Cheyenne raider standing between the People and the white invaders who would destroy them.THE WHITE WOMANIn Boston, she is Stephanie Summerfield, a bluestocking whose attraction to the notorious Remington heir sends shock waves through polite society. When her reputation is ruined by innuendo, she becomes the wife of a mercenary cavalry officer and travels West--only to be captured by the White Wolf.THE ENDLESS SKYIn the valley of the Little Big Horn, Chase and Stephanie finally accept what the Powers have decreed: they are fated to become lovers--if they can survive the troopers of the Long Hair, Custer, the vengeance of a brutal husband, and the fate of a proud but dying race.