Donovan's Angel (Donovan's of the Delta #1)

Donovan's Angel (Donovan's of the Delta #1) - Peggy Webb This was on of the most sweet, entertaining and funny romances I have read in a long time. The story flowed well with good character development that had us caring about the Paul & Martie. There are no descriptive sex scenes in this book. On the Nook this book has a total of 402 pages with 361 pages of story. When vagabond musician Marte Fleming moved to small town Mississippi, she never expected her dance studio to be labeled a honky tonk. And she certainly never expected to fall for the preacher next door. They are absolutely wrong for each other.How Reverend Paul Donovan convinces a congregation to change its mind about Marte and convinces her to change her mind about him, makes for wonderful romantic comedy. Prepare for laughter and tears.