Angel's Peak (Virgin River Novels)

Angel's Peak - Robyn Carr Robyn Carr's Virgin River novels have characters that are warm, funny & flawed, yet they work to overcome and survive what life has thrown at them. They come together as a community, as a family. This book starts with Sean Riordan's Story, mixes in some Ellie & Noah and even a little about Sean's mom Maureen. There are appearances from others in this series also.Sean has settled down in spite of himself - he's not the cocky young fighter pilot he was when Franci left, and he wants them to try again. After all they have a history...but that's not all they share.Franci's secret reason for walking away when Sean refused to commit is now three and a half ; a redheaded cherub named Rosie who shares her daddy's emerald green eyes. Sean is stunned - and furious with Franic for the deception.