The thief who stole a planet by Ty Patterson

Cade Stryker thought he left his life of smuggling and thievery behind him, boy was he wrong! As we meet up with Cade again it has been 5 years since the war between Calara and Neatha has ended. Cade is in the middle of a bar fight, Dracon's are trying to conquer the Neathans only because Dracon's love of conflict and destruction, and the Neathans are running out of fuel to keep fighting with the Dracons. So what does all this have to do with the last space cowboy who has given up smuggling and thieving but not quite bar fighting?
Well, Tauxol the Neathans military commander has just ask for Cade's help in stealing a Dracon spaceship. With the help of Andy and a few others this adventure could turn into biggest theft of Cades life.
Suspense, fast ships, humor and snark you couldn't ask for more from this space opera. This story is entertaining and keeps you flying along beside Cade Stryker and his AI Andy as proton beams and anti-matter waves are firing!
Not only is Ty Patterson a wonderful thrill writer but the Cade Stryker series is showing us he is also a great new voice in the Sci-fi genre