Can love last

Momentary Marriage - Carol Rose

On my device the book had 260 pages. Carol Rose has a nice writing style that make her books enjoyable afternoon reads. This contemporary romance is somewhat predictable, but most are so I wasn't bothered by that. The ending felt a little rushed. But all in all an entertaining story.

The story opens with sisters Kelsey and Amy talking about their best friend Doug. Seems Amy is in love with Doug, Doug is infatuated with Kelsy and Kelsey only sees Doug as a best friend. So How can she help Doug get over his infatuation and realize it is Amy who loves him?

Jared has been attracted to Kelsey for awhile now and thinks she may be the one for him. So upon hearing Kelsey mutter to herself that she needed a husband Jared proposes a marriage of convenience, 1 year of marriage. Kelsey watched her mother marry and divorce 7 times so she doesn't believe in love or marriage lasting, but she is attracted to Jared so this marriage of convenience sounds like a good plan. Jared has 1 year to make Kelsey see love can last.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.