Lucas Davenport is Back

Silken Prey - John Sandford

When I get a new book by John Sandford I always know I am in for a good story. This book is no exception.  It was a pleasure to be back in Lucas Davenports world and to ride along on this investigation.  I forgot how much I missed Kidd and his interactions with Lucas. ( If you haven't read  the Kidd Novels they are worth the time)




Very early one morning, a Minnesota political fixer answers his doorbell. The next thing he knows, he’s waking up on the floor of a moving car, lying on a plastic sheet, his body wet with blood. When the car stops, a voice says, “Hey, I think he’s breathing,” and another voice says, “Yeah? Give me the bat.” And that’s the last thing he knows.    
Davenport is investigating another case when the trail leads to the man’s disappearance, then—very troublingly—to the Minneapolis police department, then—most troublingly of all—to a woman who could give Machiavelli lessons. She has very definite ideas about the way the world should work, and the money, ruthlessness, and sheer will to make it happen.

No matter who gets in the way.