The thief who stole a planet by Ty Patterson

Cade Stryker thought he left his life of smuggling and thievery behind him, boy was he wrong! As we meet up with Cade again it has been 5 years since the war between Calara and Neatha has ended. Cade is in the middle of a bar fight, Dracon's are trying to conquer the Neathans only because Dracon's love of conflict and destruction, and the Neathans are running out of fuel to keep fighting with the Dracons. So what does all this have to do with the last space cowboy who has given up smuggling and thieving but not quite bar fighting?
Well, Tauxol the Neathans military commander has just ask for Cade's help in stealing a Dracon spaceship. With the help of Andy and a few others this adventure could turn into biggest theft of Cades life.
Suspense, fast ships, humor and snark you couldn't ask for more from this space opera. This story is entertaining and keeps you flying along beside Cade Stryker and his AI Andy as proton beams and anti-matter waves are firing!
Not only is Ty Patterson a wonderful thrill writer but the Cade Stryker series is showing us he is also a great new voice in the Sci-fi genre

Defending Cain by Ty Patterson release date September 28th 2016

5 Stars Start to Finish


"The blade slipped between Cain's third and fourth rib" When Meghan reached the fallen man in his hand is a photograph of the woman she has been searching for. With the first line the suspense starts and leads you along with Meghan and her sister Beth as their search for answers goes from New York to California to the Mid East and back. When the leads takes a few turns Meghan and Beth didn't expect they just might need the help of a few special Warriors to take this case to it's conclusion. This book keeps you on the edge with no thought of letting you put it down. Well written fast paced action! The next book written by Ty Patterson can't be here quick enough.

Gena Showalter's One You Want

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The Closer You Come by Gena Showalter

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Can love last

Momentary Marriage - Carol Rose

On my device the book had 260 pages. Carol Rose has a nice writing style that make her books enjoyable afternoon reads. This contemporary romance is somewhat predictable, but most are so I wasn't bothered by that. The ending felt a little rushed. But all in all an entertaining story.

The story opens with sisters Kelsey and Amy talking about their best friend Doug. Seems Amy is in love with Doug, Doug is infatuated with Kelsy and Kelsey only sees Doug as a best friend. So How can she help Doug get over his infatuation and realize it is Amy who loves him?

Jared has been attracted to Kelsey for awhile now and thinks she may be the one for him. So upon hearing Kelsey mutter to herself that she needed a husband Jared proposes a marriage of convenience, 1 year of marriage. Kelsey watched her mother marry and divorce 7 times so she doesn't believe in love or marriage lasting, but she is attracted to Jared so this marriage of convenience sounds like a good plan. Jared has 1 year to make Kelsey see love can last.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Mr Personality

Mr. PersonalityMr. Personality by Carol Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I'm not a professional reviewer but I am someone who reads a lot of books.

Carol Rose has written and developed Max & Nicole's characters so well that even when we don't like some of Max's interactions with Nicole we still care about them and want to see if they can make a relationship work. As we are taken through the story we come to understand some of what influenced Max to become the person he is at the time he meets Nicole. We also see how Nicole's relationship with her father has a lot to do with her need to help people. Yes there are some steamy sex scenes and they are a very necessary part of the story development. Once I started reading this novel I didn't want to put it down.

Can a snarling, unhappy genius finish his book and still win the girl? Famous and highly-successful author, Maxwell Tucker is screwed. For the first time in his life, he’s blocked and his next book is overdue. He’s always written in long hand and he’s never seen the need to learn to type. Then Nicole Miller sneaks into his penthouse and Max has a devious idea....

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Lucas Davenport is Back

Silken Prey - John Sandford

When I get a new book by John Sandford I always know I am in for a good story. This book is no exception.  It was a pleasure to be back in Lucas Davenports world and to ride along on this investigation.  I forgot how much I missed Kidd and his interactions with Lucas. ( If you haven't read  the Kidd Novels they are worth the time)




Very early one morning, a Minnesota political fixer answers his doorbell. The next thing he knows, he’s waking up on the floor of a moving car, lying on a plastic sheet, his body wet with blood. When the car stops, a voice says, “Hey, I think he’s breathing,” and another voice says, “Yeah? Give me the bat.” And that’s the last thing he knows.    
Davenport is investigating another case when the trail leads to the man’s disappearance, then—very troublingly—to the Minneapolis police department, then—most troublingly of all—to a woman who could give Machiavelli lessons. She has very definite ideas about the way the world should work, and the money, ruthlessness, and sheer will to make it happen.

No matter who gets in the way.

Romantic Suspense

This is the first Rachel Grant book I have read. I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway.

This book is a great read for anyone who loves the romantic suspense genre. I totally enjoyed the twist and turns that just kept coming right up to the end.

Erica Kesling has been accused of stealing artifacts from a 500 year old shipwreck, Her life has been turned upside down and now she is out to clear her name by proving she didn't steal the artifacts. There is also the matter of a little revenge.

Lee Scott has been brought in by Talon & Drake to investigate who is smuggling international artifacts. They know someone in the company is guilty and the they investigate the more Erica is looking like a prime suspect.

They each have an agenda that must be kept from the other, but the attraction between them is making it hard to keep from getting distracted. Will the lies they are telling each other make it impossible for them to trust each other?

I am looking forward to reading the next book by Rachel Grant

The Light Within Me - Carly Fall

I just found this paranormal romance series  written by Carly Fall. 


This novel introduces us to some interesting characters.  Noah is from another world sent to earth to hunt down an evil that his people unleashed upon earth over 200 years ago. He along with 5 others were chosen for their special abilities. Noah & Hudson for their fighting and killing, Jovan for his ability to feel a person emotions, Talon for his mastery of computers, Cohen for his healing abilities and Rayner for his ability to see spirits.

They are on a mission that has them earth bound until it is completed.


  Abby is a women who feels like she doesn't fit into society, she longs to find someone who understands her.  When Noah and Abby meet sparks fly.  When the evil that Noah is hunting drags Abbey into the mess Noah and Abbeys worlds are about to change.


This is going to be an interesting series, I look forward to reading the next book  Finding My Faith. 

Forever - Jacquelyn Frank Forbidden - Jacquelyn Frank

Just finished  Forever  by Jacquelyn Frank.  It is the second book in her World of Nightwalkers series.  


This book picks up with Jackson Waverly being brought back from the dead.  Dr. Marissa Anderson is still trying to get him to open up about his life and Mene's is looking for the perfect host for his queen. 


This series combines ancient Egyptian kings, priestess and a few other entities with today's modern world in the fight to save a species on the brink of extinction. 


I have been reading Jacquelyn Frank's novels for a few years now and have enjoyed them. Is anyone else following this series or any of her other series? 


Turn and Burn - Lorelei James

Turn and Burn is written by Lorelei James is a Blacktop Cowboy novel that will be released in August of 2013.


Upfront I received this ARC free as part of a Goodreads giveaway, now that you know that piece of information let me tell you about the book.


This is the first Blacktop Cowboy novel I have read but the 5th book in the series. So you can read it even if you haven't read the others in the serie.  This book had all  the best components.  A story you wanted to read, characters Tanna Barker and August Fletcher that made you want to see where their lives will take them, Romance, erotic sex that is a well written part of the story and Humor. I loved the Mud Lilies!


A champion barrel racer recovering from a rodeo injury Tanna Barker's life has taken some unexpected turns in the last couple of years. That's how August Fletcher finds her setting in a bar in Muddy Gap Wyoming pondering what direction her life is going in and inventivently fending off the bar patrons.

Hot sexy veterinarian August Fletcher has always put work first. But when he meets Tanna the chemistry between them is Hot.  Seems he may have found his fantasy woman in a real live champion barrel racer. Maybe he has found there is more to life then just work.


i enjoyed reading this well written erotic romance and will be looking for others in the series.


The Wind Through the Keyhole (The Dark Tower, #4.5)

The Wind Through the Keyhole (The Dark Tower, #4.5) - Stephen King,  Jae Lee I listen to this book from audible. Stephen King is the reader and does bring something to the story. I liked this book but yet was left wanting more from it. I have read the Dark Tower series from the beginning spanning some 20 years and loved them. This one is worth listening to, just don't expect this book to be one of the Dark Tower Novels.

The Last Boyfriend (Inn Boonsboro Trilogy)

The Last Boyfriend - MacLeod Andrews, Nora Roberts This second book in the series is an easy, light, enjoyable read. The edge from the first book didn't seem to materialize in this one. I think Hope and Ry could be an interesting story.

The Prostitutes' Ball (Shane Scully Series #10)

The Prostitutes' Ball - Stephen J. Cannell I have been reading the Shane Scully series for many years, so it was hard to read this book knowing there would only be one more book. I love the way Stephen J. Cannell has written Shane's character. We have seen him evolve over time. I enjoyed the interaction with his new partner Hitchens. Just started listening to the last book Vigilante.

Wanted: Undead or Alive

Wanted: Undead or Alive - Kerrelyn Sparks Great to have Phineas's story. It is always fun to set down and immerse yourself in this paranormal world.

If I Should Die (Lucy Kincaid Series #3)

If I Should Die - Allison Brennan I have really enjoyed this Lucy Kincaid series. Will definitely keep reading.